Unicorn fish with aquarium - Little Live Pets

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A unique unicorn fish has arrived from the Little Live Pets series,  which floats on its own when submerged in water! And if she gets hungry after a long swim, feed her with the included fish bottle to give her the energy to keep swimming :)

The packaging in which the fish is delivered also serves as an aquarium for the fish, which also contains aquarium decorations.

The belly contains 3 temporary batteries AG13(LR44), to replace them you need a Phillips screwdriver. The package does not include the replacement batteries and screwdriver.

Aquarium setup procedure:

1) Remove the cardboard and fill the plastic tank with water, decorate with the included decorations - the aquarium is ready

2) Dip the bag of fish into the water, the transparent tape on the wrapper dissolves in the water and the bag slowly opens

3) As soon as the bag is filled with water, the fish magically comes to life and swims into the aquarium

4) Feed the fish - hold the feeding bottle close to the fish, the fish will follow and feed