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Mama mouse

Set from the Little Live Pets Mama surprise mini series of interactive toys.

The cute grey mouse is expecting babies, so she needs plenty of comfort. Feed her with the included celery leaf, pour water into the drinker attached to the crate and watch her disappear. After feeding, she will close her eyes. Mama Mouse will rest in her blue house and wait for the baby mice to be born. But when will it be? Well, that's a surprise. And how many will be born? 2, 3, or 4? If you wait a while and then check the blue house, you'll see for yourself...

Each baby is unique with its own facial expression.

The arrival of the babies can be repeated.



Package contents:

In the package you will find 1 x play set1 4-5 x animal figurine, 6 accessories, 1 manual, cage lining

For the little mice you will find in the package bows and bibs.