Tank set Renault R35, Valentine IX and Panzer I COBI 2740 - World War II 1:48

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Do you know that (Renault R 35):


Technical parameters:


Jean-Pierre LeBlanc about R35 tank:

"The Renault R35 is the French answer to the question nobody asked - how to make a tank that is slower than the infantry it is supposed to support."

You know that (Valentine IX):


Technical parameters:


Lieutenant George Milligan about Valentine IX tank:

"When the British designed this tank, they thought, 'Why not make it interesting?' And by that they meant that you would remember every pothole on the battlefield."

You know that (Panzer I):


Technical parameters:


Friedrich Weber about tank Panzer I:

"Panzer I is great for learning tank basics if you want your tanking career to end very early."

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