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American combat aircraft A-10 Thunderbolt II WARTHOG COBI 5812 - Armed Forces

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1:48 scale kit of the Fairchild A-10 Thunderbolt II subsonic direct fire support aircraft. The assembled model has an opening cockpit cover to accommodate a specially modified pilot figure, adjustable control surfaces, folding landing gear legs and rotatable engine turbine blades. Sidewinder rockets and bombs are mounted in the hinges under the wings. The assembled model can stand on its own landing gear, or on the labeled stand included in the package. The kit is produced under the official license of the brand holder Northrop Grumman.
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List Number: COBI-5812
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Manufacturer:COBI Factory SA
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You know that:

  • The Thunderbolt was developed in the late 1970s based on a US Army requirement to supply heavily armed aircraft capable of low-altitude battlefield operations, tank destruction, bunker busting, and high survivability of ground fire ?
  • The official designation is OA-10, but in the Air Force the nickname Warhog is most commonly used ? 
  • The first deployment occurred during Operation Desert Storm, when the aircraft flew 8,100 missions destroying 987 tanks, 926 artillery batteries, 501 armored vehicles and 72 bunkers ?
  • The landing gear legs retract fully into the fuselage but remain partially extended to allow the aircraft to land on its belly even when damaged by ground fire ?
  • The pilot is seated in a 770 kg titanium tub which protects him from 37 mm anti-aircraft guns ?
  • The aircraft is equipped with a rotary cannon with a rate of fire of 6000 rounds per minute ?
  • Thanks to its extremely high accuracy, 80% of the missiles at a distance of 1800 m hit a circle with a diameter of 5.2 m ?
  • Firing the A-10 is not cheap, since a 2-second burst costs about 1 600 € ?
  • After modernization, Thunderbolts will fly until 2035 ?
  • The upgraded aircraft are equipped with probably the best night vision system in the world, combining visual perception with surround sound ?

Technical parameters:

  • Dimensions: span 17.42 m, length 16.16 m, height 4.42 m
  • Take-off weight 13 782 kg (23 000 kg max.)
  • Powerplant 2x GE TF34-GE100A jet engine with 40.32 kN thrust
  • Maximum speed 704 km/h
  • Range 4 150 km
  • Altitude access 13 700 m
  • Climb rate 30 m/s
  • Armament GAU-8/A Avenger 30 mm rotary cannon with 1 350 rounds and 11 underwing and fuselage mountings for Sidewinder, Mark 82, BLU-1, or Hydra missiles
  • Crew 1 person


Below you'll find assembly instructions that give an idea of the difficulty (kids usually have no problem:-), or in case the original instructions included in each package get lost. It will also help if you are in doubt about what all the pack contains. This service is brought to you exclusively by COBISHOP.CZ

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