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Field howitzer 155mm calibre model 1917 COBI 2981 - Great War

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Kit of model of heavy field howitzer of WWI 155 mm model 1917 Schneider of French manufacture. The assembled model has an opening breech and adjustable barrel sight. Also included is a figure of a Polish soldier from the "blue" army.
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List Number: COBI-2981
EAN: 5902251029814
Warranty:24 měsíců
Manufacturer:COBI Factory SA
Price excluding VAT:191,52 Kč
Price including VAT:232 Kč
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You know that:

  • The original design dates back to 1904 ?
  • The gun served in 16 armies around the world and intervened in both wars?
  • In total, about 3,000 were produced ?
  • The production license was purchased by Poland and many of the pieces were manufactured in Starachowice ?
  • During transport, the howitzer was pulled by a horse-drawn figure-of-eight ?
  • Since 1919 the Czechoslovak Army also had 51 155 mm howitzers in its arsenal ?

Technical parameters:

  • weight 3 480 kg
  • length in combat position 5,91 m, width 1,90 m, height 1,43 m
  • calibre 155 mm
  • grenade weight 43 kg
  • muzzle velocity 450 m/s
  • range 11 200 m
  • rate of fire 3 shots/min. max. 45 shots/hour
  • service 8 persons

Below you'll find assembly instructions that give an idea of the difficulty (kids usually have no problem:-), or in case the original instructions included in each package get lost. It will also help if you are in doubt about what all the pack contains. This service is brought to you exclusively by COBISHOP.CZ

Verze (série)09/2018
Počet figurek1 ks
Počet kostek122 ks
Hmotnost balení155 g
Rozměr po sestavení18,5x6 cm
Rozměr krabice (balení)23,5x18x5 cm
Doporučený věk5+
Kostečky lze kombinovat s jinou známou značkouAno
KolekceGreat War
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