German anti-tank gun 7,5 cm PaK 40 COBI 2252 - World War II

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Kit of German medium anti-tank gun PAK 40 of 7,5 cm calibre in sand camouflage. Cannon has adjustable barrel sight and adjustable support legs. Included is an Afrikakorps gunner figure with an extremely determined expression. Simply cut out the instructions to get a COBIGAMES collector's card.
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You know that:

  • The manufacturer of the gun was Rheinmetall, a company that employed 48,000 people before the end of the war, and not all of them volunteering ?
  • German artillerymen considered the PaK 40 to be the best all-purpose weapon in the German arsenal ?
  • The Pak 40 gun was in the armament of the armies of Germany, Finland, Hungary and Norway ?
  • In total, some 23,303 were produced?
  • In a modified version it was also mounted on Marder tank fighters ?
  • The crew consisted of 6 people?
  • The production of one gun took a total of 2,200 hours ?
  • The price at the time was 12,000 RM, 50 000 € today ?
  • One example is in the Czech Republic in the village of Vrbka as part of the Red Army Memorial ?
  • 12 pieces of war booty were also in the armament of the Czechoslovak Army ?

Technické parametry:


  • Dimensions barrel length 3.45 m, overall length 6.18 m, width 2.08 m, height 1.20 m
  • Weight 1 425 kg
  • Calibre 75 mm
  • Effective range 1 800 m, armour penetration 132 mm at a distance of 500 m
  • Maximum range 7 678 m
  • Muzzle velocity 933 m/s
  • Rate of fire 14 shots/min.
  • Barrel life 6 000 shots       


Below you'll find assembly instructions that give an idea of the difficulty (kids usually have no problem:-), or in case the original instructions included in each package get lost. It will also help if you are in doubt about what all the pack contains. This service is brought to you exclusively by COBISHOP.CZ

Verze (série)05/2021
Počet figurek1 ks
Hmotnost balení105 g
Rozměr po sestavení18 x 5 cm
Rozměr krabice (balení)19,5 x 14 x 4,5 cm
Doporučený věk7+
Počet kostek90 ks
Kostečky lze kombinovat s jinou známou značkouAno
Obsahuje světélkující kostkyNe
KolekceWorld War II
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