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Tank destroyer Jadgpanzer 38 (t) HETZER COBI 2557 Limited edition World War II

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Model kit of the German tank destroyer Jadgpanzer 38 (t) Hetzer manufactured in protectorate Czechoslovakia. The package contains printed 2in1 cubes, so it is possible to equip the model with German insignia or emblems of the Polish Land Army. The assembled model has an adjustable cannon elevation, engine opening cover and functional belts, which can be easily driven on a non-slip surface. The limited edition kit also contains part of the masonry, barbed wire, ammunition box, street lamp, handguns, 3 figures of German soldiers and 2 figures of members of the Polish resistance. The package includes a certificate certifying the authenticity of the product with a unique serial number and a cube with a description.
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You know that:

  • Although this tank destroyer is generally considered to be a German product, did it actually originate in Czechoslovakia in the Protectorate's territory, namely in ČKD Plzeň and Prague?
  • Czech engineers tried to sabotage or slow down the construction of the machine, but were they punished by German supervision?
  • The first pieces came off the production line in March 1944?
  • Quality chassis from the LT vz.38 tank, low silhouette, mobility and 75 mm cannon made Hetzru a very successful machine?
  • On the contrary, the big disadvantage was the remote-controlled machine gun, which had to be charged from the outside after leaving the relative safety of the cabin?
  • The allies tried to attack the tank destroyer from the right side, where Hetzer had a blind field of vision?
  • A total of 3,185 pieces were produced in various versions?
  • Several machines were captured by Czech patriots during the Prague Uprising in May 1945?
  • One specimen was also captured on August 2, 1944 by members of the Polish Land Army and the machine was named "CHWAT"?
  • At the beginning of the Warsaw Uprising, Chwat was built into barricades near Napoleon Square, where the famous photograph also comes from?
  • After the war, the CKD power supply delivered 286 pieces to the Swiss army, where they served until 1973?

Technical parametrs:

  • dimensions: length 6.25 m, width 2.63 m, height 2.1 m
  • weight 15,750 kg
  • armor front 60 mm, side 20 mm, top 8 mm
  • petrol power unit 6 cylinder 7 754 ccm Praga AE 2800 with an output of 160 hp
  • maximum speed 42 km / h (in terrain 25 km / h)
  • fuel tank 320 l
  • range 180 km (130 km in terrain)
  • main armament cannon Pak 39 L / 48 caliber 75 mm (ammunition supply 40 missiles later up to 45)
  • secondary weapon remote-controlled machine gun MG 34 caliber 7.92 mm
  • crew: driver, shooter, charger, commander



Below you will find assembly instructions, which provide an idea of the difficulty (children usually have no problem), or in case the original instructions included in each package are lost. It will also help if you have doubts about what the package contains. This service is brought to you exclusively by COBISHOP.CZ
Rozměr po sestavení20,5 x 9 cm
Počet figurek5 ks
Počet kostek672 ks
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KolekceWorld War II
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