American fighter AU-1 Corsair COBI 2415 - Korean War

Model kit of the latest version of the American propeller fighter AU-1 Corsair with a suspended additional tank in the beautiful color of the US Marines. The aircraft has folding wings, retractable landing gear, adjustable flaps and a removable cockpit cover for comfortable seating of the pilot figure in the US Navy uniform. The model can stand on its own chassis or the included stand with a label.
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List Number: COBI-2415
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Víte, že:

  • Designed for the U.S. Navy with the ability to fight enemies in close face-to-face contact, the Corsair was highly respected by Japanese aviators.
  • The pilots of the F4U achieved a kill ratio of 11:1.
  • In total, these aircraft made 64,051 combat sorties during World War II.
  • The machines delivered to the British Army had wings 203 mm shorter due to the lower height of the deck hangars.
  • Production took place between 1942 and 1953, making the Corsair the longest-produced American piston-engined fighter.
  • A total of 12,571 were produced.
  • Igor Sikorsky, a Russian-born designer, also helped with the development.
  • The price of the machine at the time of acquisition was 1 500 000 USD which today corresponds to about 3 000 000 €.
  • The typical W-shaped wing bending allowed for the installation of a 4 metre diameter propeller for maximum engine power.
  • The Japanese military nicknamed the Corsiar "whistling death".
  • American soldiers called the aircraft a "widow maker" because of its poor landing visibility.
  • The AU-1 version had reinforced cockpit and fuel tank armor.
  • With the arrival of the Soviet MIG-15 during the Korean War, Corsair deployments were limited to direct air support of ground troops.
  • During the Korean War, there was also one recorded dogfight between a Corsair piloted by Captain Jesse G. Folmar and an outnumbered force of 5 MIG-15s.
  • During the engagement, only the MIG was shot down and the Corsair was heavily damaged, but Captain Folmar escaped with only minor injuries.
  • The last Corsair deployment was in 1969 in the so-called "Soccer" war between El Salvador and Honduras.

Technical parameters:

  • wing span 12.5 m, length 10.38 m, height 4.52 m
  • empty weight 4 461 kg
  • maximum take-off weight 8 799 kg
  • powerplant Pratt & Whitney R-2800-18W radial engine with 2 380 hp (1 770 kW)
  • cruising speed 296 km/h (296 mph)
  • maximum speed 705 km/h (155 mph)
  • tank capacity 886 l + possibly 2x 586 l in additional tanks
  • climb rate 4.7 m/s
  • operational range 5 944 m
  • maximum range 1 335 km
  • armament 4x 20 mm Hispano M3 cannon + 4x 454 kg aerial bombs, or 2x Tyni Tim unguided rocket + 10x HVAR unguided rocket 




Assembly instructions

Verze (série)03/2022
Number of figurines1 pcs
Dimensions after assembly33,5 x 27 x 12 cm cm
Number of pieces330 pcs
Box dimensions34,5 x 28 x 5,5 cm
Package weight550 g
Recommended age9+
KolekceKorean War
Obsahuje světélkující kostkyNo
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
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dobrá kvalita doporučuji všem
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