German medium tank PzKpfw V PANTHER Ausf. G COBI 2565 - Limited Edition WW II

Kit of German medium tank PANTHER Ausf. G with anti-tank gun PAW 600 in sand desert camouflage. The cannon can be attached behind the tank to the towing vehicle using a special cube. The assembled model has a rotatable turret with adjustable gun sight, opening hatches for seating figures, opening ammunition compartment with ammo supply and opening engine cover. Also included is a set of armed figures of the tank commander, sniper, tanker and gunner.The tank tracks are functional and the model can be easily rolled on non-slip surfaces. The limited edition kit also includes a certificate with a unique serial number confirming the originality of the product.
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List Number: COBI-2565
Warranty:24 months
Price excluding VAT:1 495,00 Kč
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You know that:

  • The Panther tank, or SdKfz 171, was developed in 1942 in the design office of MAN and Daimler-Benz on the basis of experience from the Eastern Front.
  • In just 17 weeks, the first prototype of the tank, which is widely regarded as one of the best medium tanks of the Second World War, was built.
  • Many technical solutions were copied from captured T-34 and KV-1 tanks, such as the sloping armour or the wide tracks.
  • Two designs were reportedly presented to the Ordnance Commission for production approval. MAN's solution was eventually chosen, as the Daimler tank bore a striking resemblance to the Soviet T-34.
  • The new tanks saw their first deployment at the Battle of Kursk.
  • The energy of the tank's fire was so great that the crews were forbidden to fire without a recoil brake. The disadvantage was that after a few shots it was necessary to interrupt the firing to allow regeneration of the breaking system.
  • For the first time in a German tank, an automatic engine compartment extinguishing system was used.
  • Even a tank like the Panther had its weak points. Many crews reported problems with turret rotation when the tank was on a higher slope, and so design modifications were gradually made. Smoke grenades in the tank's turret blasters were also a complication, as they inadvertently exploded and prevented the crew from seeing the battlefield. Later versions no longer had blast tubes.
  • In total, more than 6,000 were produced in various versions.


Technical parameters V PANTHER:

  • dimensions: length 8.66 m (with gun), width 3.27 m, height 3 m
  • weight 44 800 kg
  • armour: 80 mm front, 100 mm turret, 50 mm sides, 40 mm rear
  • power unit Maybach HL 230 P30 12-cylinder petrol engine with a capacity of 23.09 litres and a power output of 515 kW
  • 7 forward + 1 reverse speed
  • maximum road speed 55 km/h
  • range 250 km
  • fuel tank capacity 730 l
  • main weapon KwK 42 L/70 cannon of 75 mm calibre (82 rounds)
  • secondary weapon 2x MG 34 machine gun 7,92 mm calibre (4 200 rounds)
  • crew 5 persons


Technical parameters PAW 600:

  • dimensions: length 2,95 m
  • weight 600 kg
  • barrel length 3.4 m
  • calibre 81.4 mm
  • effective range 750 m
  • maximum range 6 200 m
  • rate of fire 12/minute
  • operator 6 persons
  • number of pieces produced 260



Assembly instructions

Scale1 : 28
Number of pieces1015 pcs
Recommended age12+
Dimensions after assembly31 x 13 cm
Number of figurines5 pcs
Obsahuje světélkující kostkyNo
KolekceWorld War II
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
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