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Light Tank PANZER I AUSF. A COBI 2534 - World War II

Kit of German light tank PANZER I AUSF. A in dark grey color. The assembled model has a rotatable twin-barrel turret, opening hatch cover for comfortable seating of the tank commander figure and opening engine cover. The tank tracks are functional and the model can be easily driven on non-slippery surfaces. As a bonus you will find a collector's card in the package.
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List Number: COBI-2534
EAN: 5902251025342
Warranty:24 months
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Price excluding VAT:588,00 Kč
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Přesný model.
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You know that:

  • The development of the tank was done secretly in violation of the Versailles Treaty as a project for the production of a light tractor.
  • The first tests of the chassis were carried out from 1933 with the help of the Soviets in the Far East.
  • The prototype was almost a copy of the British Vicrers-Carden-Lloyd machine.
  • When the tank was first presented to Adolf Hitler during a military exercise, he exclaimed "Yes, that's what I need, that's what I want".
  • Panzer I tanks were the most widely used German armoured vehicle at the start of the war.
  • Weak armament and armour gradually became insufficient to cope with the new technology of their opponents, and so the tanks were gradually withdrawn from combat and continued to be used as reconnaissance vehicles.
  • In total, more than 2,100 units were produced in various versions?

Technical parameters:

  • dimensions: length 4,02m, width 2,06m, height 1,72m
  • weight 5 400 kg
  • armour plating 15mm turret, 13-14,5 mm sides, 8-13 mm front
  • power unit gasoline, air-cooled engine Krupp 3,5L M 305 with power 44 kW
  • number of speeds 5 forward + 1 reverse
  • maximum speed 37 km/h
  • range 140 km on the road or 93 km off-road
  • wading distance 0.6 m
  • crew 2 persons
  • main weapon 2x MG13 machine gun of 7.92 mm calibre
  • ammunition supply 2250 pcs
Assembly instructions

Version (series)01/2022
Number of figurines1 pcs
Dimensions after assembly15,5 x 8,5 x 8 cm
Number of pieces330 pcs
Box dimensions34,5 x 24 x 5,5 cm
Package weight425 g
Recommended age9+
Contains luminous blocksNo
CollectionWorld War II
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
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93 %
Přesný model.

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