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Russian heavy tank Kliment Voroshilov KV-1 COBI 2555 - World War II

Kit of the model of the Soviet heavy tank Kliment Voroshilov KV-1 in a traditional army camouflage with the inscription on the turret "For the homeland!". The assembled model has a rotating turret with an adjustable cannon elevation, an opening cover for the engine, a gearbox and a manhole cover in the tower for placing the figure. The package also includes a figurine of the tank commander with a determined expression on his face, snipers armed with a rifle with Mosin-Nagant optics and the sign "STALINGRAD Volga River" (there is no land behind the Volga). The model has functional belts that can be used on non-slip surfaces. You can get a collector's card by simply cutting out the instructions.
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You know that:

  • the first pieces were included in the armament on December 19, 1939?
  • in the hands of an experienced tanker, was the KV-1 an overwhelming weapon that controlled the battlefield?
  • probably the most famous deployment of KV-1 tanks was the Battle of Raseiniai in present-day Lithuania in June 1941, when this lone Russian "monster" stopped the entire 6th German Division for almost two days (some sources state that it was a KV-2)?
  • one single tank stuck in the mud and unable to move destroyed many German vehicles, several light tanks and cannons?
  • the Germans tried to destroy the tank at night using explosives, which, however, did not cause any major damage to the KV-1?
  • in the end, the crew was defeated by a German superiority after seven hits from an 88 mm anti-aircraft gun?
  • if the Germans wanted to destroy the KV-1 tank with an available PaK 38 cannon, then they had to approach a suicide distance of 20 meters?
  • the meeting with KV-1 was initially a big shock for the Germans and there are documented cases where the tank received 135 hits without breaking the armor?
  • however, this machine also had several weaknesses, especially a faulty gearbox and chassis, which crushed the machine's high weight?
  • in total, about 5,216 pieces were produced in various versions?

Technical parameters:

  • dimensions: length 6.75 m (6.95 m with cannon), width 3.32 m, height 2.71 m
  • weight 47,500 kg
  • armor: front 60-75 mm, sides 60 mm, bottom 30 mm, tower front 75-82 mm, sides and stern 75 mm
  • power unit diesel 12-cylinder engine with a capacity of 38.88 l and an output of 441 kW
  • maximum speed 35 km / h (16 km / h in the field)
  • range 230 km (170 km in terrain)
  • wading 1.5 m
  • main weapon 1x cannon L-11 caliber 76.2 mm (90 -116 rounds)
  • secondary weapon 2x machine gun DT caliber 7.62 mm (3,000 rounds)


,,Slowly but surely!"

General Georgy K. Zhukov on the advance of KV-1 tanks in a counterattack during the Battle of Stalingrad


Assembly instructions

Number of figurines2 pcs
Dimensions after assembly24x12x10 cm
Number of pieces510 pcs
Compatible with other brand of kitsAno
Contains luminous blocksNe
CollectionWorld War II
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