Fashion dolls FAIL FIX EPIC Color n´ style MAKEOVER Large set

Fail Fix dolls are very beautiful, they just need your help from you to start. They are going through a real makeover, including makeup, hairstyle and clothes! Put a face mask on the doll's face and change her make-up. Comb and style and color her hair, add accessories. 2Dreami is equipped with accessories for the right outfit for the beach, shopping, and even a festive event. The height of the doll is about 23 cm.
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Dreamy 2Dreami walks with her head in the clouds, but she can also be responsible and is not afraid to help where needed.

Package contents:

  • 2Dreami doll 1pc
  • Dress 3pcs
  • Shoes 2 pairs
  • Earrings 1 pair
  • Necklace 1pc
  • Face mask 1pc
  • Removable Fail Mask 1pc
  • Hair brush 1pc
  • 6pcs decorative curlers
  • Hair elastics 8pcs
  • Hair dye 2pcs
  • Hairdressing chair, doll stand and instructions



Step by step:

Take a picture. !

Take a picture of the doll before you start to finish it. You can compare the pictures later and see the huge change.






Untangle it !

Remove all the accessories from the doll's hair. In the meantime, the hair will be hard and unruly.







The magic mask !

Put on the doll's magic mask.Do it well, the mask must click into place when you put it on.







Comb it !

Brush the doll's hair until it's nice and soft and neat.







Wau !

Take off the face mask. You'll be surprised.







Colour her hair !

Remove the dye brush from the tube and open the tube. Put the paint brush back on the tube and you're ready to go. The dye will wash out of your hair so you can try again and again.




Let it dry !

Let the paint set well. The hair will be softer and shinier. After it dries, you can comb it and decorate it.






Make it up !

Build a hairdressing chair, put the doll in it, add a braiding tool and get to it.






Create a magical hairstyle !

Use the repayment tool. Work your way down until you finally take the tool off. Secure the hairstyle with a elastics.






Finish a great job !

When your hair's done, put the dress on. What kind? That's up to you. You can help yourself get dressed by taking your hands apart for a moment and putting them back together. Put on the accessories and take a picture. Now you can compare the before and after pictures. You can share everything with your #FAILFIX MAKEOVER friends.




Rozměr 23 cm
Rozměr krabice (balení)23,5 x 30 x 7 cm
Hmotnost balení420 g
Doporučený věk6+
KolekceFail FIX
MateriálPlast, doplňky plast, nebo textil
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