German three-plane fighter FOKKER Dr. I Red Baron COBI 2986 - Great War

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Kit of the model of the famous three-plane single-seat fighter FOKKER DR.I from the period of the First World War. The kit is shown in many details in a typical red color. The assembled model has a rotating propeller, adjustable control surfaces and a detailed cockpit. The package includes a figure of the German fighter ace Manfred Von Richthofen, nicknamed the Red Baron, which can be comfortably seated on a plane behind a pair of Spandau machine guns.
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Do you know that ?:

  • The first serial machines with the designation Dr. I were delivered to the front in a dismantled state on October 11, 1917 and the next day was the first aircraft ready to take off?
  • The public is the Fokker Dr. I perceived as the most famous aircraft of the First World War, but did the machine actually have many technical shortcomings?
  • A triplane design with an excess of lift allowed the pilot a wild maneuver, but the speed in the flight level was low and the dive flight slow?
  • Also thanks to the rotary engine, the fighter was able to maneuver into right turns literally "on the pole"?
  • Many aircraft were destroyed due to technical shortcomings, when, for example, a poorly calculated load on the upper wing caused it to collapse, or because the wing cover was torn off when the ice got wet?
  • Another problem was the acute shortage of castor oil during the First World War, and the Voltol replacement lubricant caused numerous engine failures?
  • Did the Fokker aircraft gain its fame mainly thanks to a German air ace named Manfred Albrecht free lord von Richthofen nicknamed the Red Baron with 80 victories?
  • M. Richthofen was eventually shot down by an accidental bullet of Australian infantry during a low flight over the ground during a stubborn pursuit deep in enemy territory?
  • The first serious injury from June 1917 with a bullet to the frontal lobe caused him a change of character and therefore he embarked on risky situations, which he would have previously solved by retreating?
  • The plane was red simply because it had already been painted in the factory and not at the pilot's request, as legend has it?

Technical parameters:

  • dimensions: wing span 7.19 m, length 5.77 m, height 2.95 m
  • empty weight 406 kg, take-off 586 kg (of which engine 156 kg)
  • power unit 9-cylinder rotary engine Oberursel UR. II with a volume of 15.07 L and an output of 110 hp
  • maximum flight speed 185 km / h
  • fall speed 72 km / h
  • range 300 km
  • access 6100 m
  • climbing speed 5.7 m / s
  • main weapon 2x synchronized machine gun Spandau MG 08/15 caliber 7.92 mm (1,000 rounds in total)
  • firing rate up to 450 rounds / min.
  • gun-reach 1,200 m
Below you will find assembly instructions, which provide an idea of the difficulty (children usually have no problem), or in case the original instructions included in each package are lost. It will also help if you have doubts about what the package contains. This service is brought to you exclusively by COBISHOP.CZ
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