US field ambulance 1942 WC 54 COBI 2257 - World War II

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Dodge WC 54 US field ambulance model kit in green army camouflage. The assembled model has an opening front door, a shovel mounted on the right side hinge and an opening double-leaf rear door. The headlight cubes glow in the dark. The kit also contains a figure of an American paramedic-driver. You can get a Cobigames collector's card by simply cutting out the instructions.
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Did you know that:

  • The United States military was supplied with vehicles by more than 120 manufacturers, which unbearably burdened the logistics of spare parts and repairs, and therefore the command decided to announce a competition for universal vehicles with a uniform basis?
  • Chrysler won the competition and one of its Dodge brands successfully offered its 1.5 t car?
  • When Dodge began mass production of military vehicles, did it have to completely discontinue the assembly of civilian vehicles?
  • The WC car was manufactured in about 14 different armed and unarmed variants?
  • Did the Czechoslovak Independent Armored Brigade also have these cars in its arsenal?
  • In total, over 400,000 pieces were produced?
  • The ambulance body was not supplied by Dodge, but by Indiana's Wayne Corporation?
  • Did the French army use these ambulances until 1985?

Technical parameters:

  • dimensions: length 4.94 m, width 1.97 m, height 2,29 m
  • empty weight 2,685 kg
  • power unit petrol 6-cylinder engine 3.8 L Chrysler T214 with an output of 70.1 kW
  • number of speeds 4 forward + 1 reverse
  • top speed 87 km / h
  • fuel tank volume 136 l
  • fuel consumption 35.3 l / 100km
  • range up to 386 km
  • wading 0.86 m
  • crew paramedic + paramedic-driver
  • capacity 4 lying or 7 sitting people



Below you will find assembly instructions, which provide an idea of the complexity (children usually have no problem :-), or in case the original instructions inserted in each package are lost. It will also help if you have doubts about what the package contains. This service is brought to you exclusively by COBISHOP.CZ
Verze (série)08/2021
Počet figurek1 ks
Rozměr po sestavení16 x 7 cm
Rozměr krabice (balení)27,5 x 20 x 5,5 cm
Počet kostek293 ks
Hmotnost balení340 g
Doporučený věk9+
KolekceWorld War II
Kostečky lze kombinovat s jinou známou značkouYes
Obsahuje světélkující kostkyYes
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