Battleship HMS HOOD COBI 4830 - World War II

Large model kit of the British battleship HMS HOOD Admiral class processed in many details. The assembled model has rotating turrets with adjustable elevation, rotating propellers and rudder. Lifeboats and anchor chains are on board. The package also includes a stand with a description, in which you can safely store the assembled model.
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Did you know that:

  • at the time of launch on August 22, 1918, was the cruiser Hood the largest battleship in the world?
  • England was duly proud of the cruiser, and in the pre-war period did the ship play primarily the representative role of the British Empire?
  • the outbreak of World War II caught Hood in a state of considerable wear and tear, which required repairs in the dry dock, but in the light of the situation, did not all the important repairs take place?
  • the construction plans were changed during the construction and the hull was strengthened by 5,000 tons of armor, unfortunately the deck was not modified?
  • Cruiser Hood participated together with the ship HMS Prince of Wales in the hunt for the German warship Bismarck?
  • Fleet Commander Vice Admiral Lancaster Holland Apparently under the weight of responsibility for following Winston Churchill's personal order to destroy Bismarck at all costs made many bad decisions that ultimately led to the sinking of Hood?
  • during the maneuver, Vice Admiral Holland guided his ships so unhappily that they could not use the back cannons against Bismarck without firing at each other?
  • finally, on May 24, 1941, was Hood hit by a missile from distant Bismarck, which landed at a great angle on a lightly armored deck and penetrated as far as the ammunition depot?
  • the subsequent explosion, after which the flames whipped to a height of up to 300 meters, sank the pride of the British Empire in 2 minutes?
  • out of 1419 sailors, only Tedd Briggs, Bob Tilburn and BIll Dundas survived?
  • in 2001, with the support of TV Channel 4, the wreck of Hooda was discovered in the Gulf of Denmark at a depth of 3,000 meters.

Technical parameters:

  • dimensions length 262.3 m, width 31.7 m, draft 10.1 m
  • displacement 47 430 t
  • hull armor 127-305 mm, deck 25-76 mm, command tower 229-280 mm
  • power unit 24 Yarrow boilers, 4x steam turbine with a total output of 107,380 kW
  • number of propellers 4
  • fuel supply 4 064 t
  • maximum speed 56 km / h
  • range 9,870 km
  • armament after modernization 1940 4x cannon caliber 381 mm, 7x cannon caliber 102 mm, 24x anti-aircraft cannon caliber 40 mm, 16x anti-aircraft cannon 12.7 mm, 5 missile stations and 4x torpedo 533 mm
    equipment 10x search mega reflector, 1x radar for fire control and 1x radar for air targets
  • crew 1 169 - 1419 persons
"It was as if a giant hammer had struck the center of the ship. The next second, bright, sharp flames shot out of the ship, obscured by a veil of water, which we estimated whipped to a height of several hundred meters. It was all over in two minutes. "
Eyewitnesses on HMS Hood's doom.


Assembly instructions

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Rozměr po sestavení88 x 22 cm
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KolekceWorld War II
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