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American self-propelled howitzer H.M.C. M8 Scott COBI 2279 - World War II

American M8 Scott self-propelled howitzer kit with registration number 39527 in traditional army green camouflage. The assembled model has a swivel turret with adjustable gun sight and a removable cover that houses the Cadillac engine. A Browning M2HB machine gun is installed in the turret mount. The howitzer tracks are functional and the model can be easily rolled on non-slippery surfaces. Also included is an ammo box, a block with description and a figure of an American captain armed with an M1 Grand rifle.
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List Number: COBI-2279
EAN: 5902251022792
Warranty:24 months
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You know that:

  • When the U.S. Army was looking for a suitable machine to support advancing infantry in 1942, Cadillac came up with a self-propelled howitzer design based on the proven M5 Stuart tank chassis.
  • The short gun was installed in a lightweight, open turret that held 46 rounds.
  • The official name of the machine is the 75 mm Howitzer Motor Carriage M8, but like all wartime equipment, the howitzer was given the shortened nickname ,,Grand Scott" and later abbreviated to ,,Scott". Why this was so is no longer known.
  • The howitzer, equipped with two Cadillac engines, emitted a loud and unmistakable roar due to the vibration of its short and tall design, which frightened the enemy. On the other hand, stealthy approach without the attention of the enemy was nearly impossible.
  • There were two lockable hatches in the front of the hull for the driver and gunner, which could be closed if necessary. Two periscopes were used to observe the battlefield in such an eventuality, and the openings in the hull also made it easier for the crew to board.
  • Production of the M8 howitzers ceased with the advent of the M18 Hellcat tanks, but they remained in the US Army's arsenal until 1960.
  • A total of 1,778 were produced in various versions.


Technical parameters:

  • dimensions: length 4.98 m, width 2.32 m, height 2.72 m
  • weight 15 700 kg
  • armour up to 44 mm
  • power unit 2x Cadillac V8 1G petrol engine with 110 kW
  • number of gears 4 forward + 1 reverse
  • maximum speed 56 km/h
  • driving range 160 km
  • fording depth 0.91 m
  • main armament M2/M3 howitzer of 75 mm calibre
  • secondary armament Browning M2HB MG machine gun 12,7 mm calibre
  • crew 4







Assembly instructions

Number of figurines1 pcs
Version (series)12/2022
Dimensions after assembly13,5 x 7,5 x 9 cm
Box dimensions40 x 28 x 6 cm
Package weight515 g
Number of pieces525 pcs
Recommended age8+
Contains luminous blocksNo
CollectionWorld War II
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
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