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German dive bomber Junkers JU-87 B-2 Stuka TROP COBI 5748 - World War II 1:32

Kit of the model of the German dive bomber and fighter plane Junkers JU 87 B-2. The assembled model features a rotating propeller, adjustable control surfaces and a removable cockpit cover to accommodate a Luftwaffe pilot and rear gunner figure. Air bombs are suspended under the wings and fuselage. The assembled model can stand on its own chassis, or you can safely store it on a new transparent stand with a description.
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You know that:

  • Junkers chief designer Hermann Pohlmann had been working on the design of the bomber since 1933.
  • The prototype, still equipped with a British Rolls-Royce engine, first flew from the factory airfield in Dessau on 17 September 1935.
  • In its time, it was a high-quality and reliable machine equipped with a semi-automatic assistant for leveling dive flight.
  • A Jericho-Trompete siren was installed on the leading edges of the wings, the scream of which accompanied every attack of the aircraft.
  • Initially, the JU 87 was a dangerous Luftwaffe weapon, but by 1940 it was easily the victim of anti-aircraft fire and fast maneuvering duels with fighters.
  • Production ended in 1944 when the decimated Luftwaffe no longer had enough aircraft to escort the vulnerable Junkers.
  • In the last year of the war, the aircraft were used almost exclusively for night missions to minimize their own losses under cover of darkness.
  • The JU 87 B-2 TROP version was specially modified for operation in desert conditions.
  • Perhaps the most successful pilot of the JU 87 was Hans-Ulrich Rudel, who took off from his home airfield in Bohemia at the end of the war on 8 May 1945 to fly over American-occupied territory to avoid capture by the Soviet Army.
  • A total of about 5,800 were produced in 30 different versions.
  • The Ju 87 was in the armament of several European countries such as Bulgaria, Italy, Hungary, Germany, Romania, Slovakia and Spain.


Technical parameters:

  • dimensions: wingspan 13.6 m, length 11.1 m, height 4.1 m
  • empty weight 2 750 kg
  • maximum take-off weight 5 000 kg
  • power unit 12-cylinder Jumo 211DA engine with 882 kW
  • range 790 km
  • maximum flight level 8 000 m
  • climb rate 5,5 m/s
  • maximum speed 380 km/h
  • fuel tank capacity 780 l
  • armament 2x 7.92 mm MG 17 machine gun in wings + 1x 7.92 mm MG 15 rear machine gun + 250 kg air bomb under fuselage 4x 50 kg air bomb under wings
  • 2 crew


From the memoirs of American soldier Desmond Doss:

"The Stuka were terrible. When you heard them, you felt like a mouse in a trap. You couldn't run or hide. You had to pray and hope they would miss you. They were infernal machines."


Assembly instructions


Version (series)09/2023
Number of figurines2 pcs
Box dimensions40 x 28 x 6 cm
Dimensions after assembly42 x 34,5 x 14 cm
Number of pieces525 pcs
Package weight765 g
Recommended age8+
Contains luminous blocksNo
CollectionWorld War II
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
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