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American rocket launcher Sherman M4A3 CALLIOPE T34 COBI 2569 - Executive Edition WWII

The kit of the American T34 Calliope rocket launcher on the chassis of the Sherman M4A3 tank in the largest and most detailed 1:28 scale. The assembled model has opening hatches, a rotating turret with adjustable gun sight and running wheels fitted with rubber bandage as it was on the real tank. Under the opening hood at the rear of the hull is a Ford engine. The handles hold the tools, jerry cans, tool box, tow chain and sandbag. The tank tracks are functional and the model is easy to drive on non-slip surfaces. Included in the Executive Edition is a rocket launcher turret, a tank commander figure that looks like it came straight from the movie screen and a French police officer with a typical cape and hat.
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You know that:

  • The T34 rocket launcher was designed by Victor Hawkins in 1943 and he didn't mess around with it.
  • He installed the rocket launcher design on the swivel turret of a Shermat M4A3 tank using side mounts and was done.
  • The simple modification proved successful during testing, but even so, mass production never happened.
  • Between 1944 and 1945, just over 30 were produced.
  • The stand was named the Calliope after a certain type of organ used on riverboats on the Mississippi River.
  • The Calliope fired a salvo of 60 M8 rockets of 115 mm caliber at ranges up to 5,000 meters.
  • Interestingly, once the rocket mount was installed, the tank could not fire its gun. The superstructure was easily removable and was only used in some special operations.
  • The crew fired the missiles from a safe distance using an electric cable with a switch.
  • The rockets could be fired simultaneously or in batches of six.
  • Gradually, other versions were developed that were capable of firing rockets of up to 183 mm calibre. 
  • The firing accuracy was not high, but one tank with a rocket mount could replace a battery of 15 guns, although reloading was complicated and time-consuming.



Technical parameters:

  • length 5,9 m (6,27 m with gun), width 2,62 m, height 2,74 m + rocket superstructure
  • weight 30 255 kg
  • frontal armour strength up to 64 mm/47°
  • propulsion Ford GAA V8 petrol engine with 298 kW
  • 5 forward speeds + 1 reverse speed
  • maximum speed 41.8 km/h
  • fuel tank capacity 660 litres
  • range 209 km on the road
  • wading depth 0.91 m
  • main weapon 60x M8 rocket 115 mm
  • maximum range 5 000 m
  • turret turn time 3 60° 15 seconds
  • secondary weapon 1x 12.7 mm Browning M2HB machine gun (300 rounds) + 2x 7.62 mm M1919A4 MG machine gun (4,750 rounds each)
  • crew of 5








Assembly instructions


Scale1 : 28
Number of pieces1230 pcs
Dimensions after assembly21,5 x 9,5 x 17 cm
Number of figurines3 pcs
Recommended age8+
Contains luminous blocksNo
CollectionWorld War II
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
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