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German self-propelled rocket launcher Sturmtiger COBI 2584 - Limited Edition WWII 1:28

German Sturmtiger rocket launcher kit in field camouflage. The model is equipped with a missile loading arm, a hatch opening in the rear wall of the turret and a Maybach HL 230 engine under the removable cover. The Limited Edition kit also includes a self-destructing Goliath Sd.kfz 303 tracked minitank, a set of 4 missiles, a crew member figure and two German soldiers. The package also includes a certificate with a unique serial number certifying the originality of the product.
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You know that:

  • The history of the Sturmtiger begins on 20 September 1942. After the experience of the Battle of Stalingrad, when it was clear that the German army did not have the means to destroy heavily fortified bunkers.
  • In September 1943, Krupp's designers had the idea to combine a 380 mm rocket launcher for battleships with a Tiger I heavy tank chassis.
  • The start of production was subject to the approval of Hitler himself. The first three production units were completed by the commissioned company Alkett in August 1944.
  • The Führer was delighted and ordered a minimum of 300 rockets per month to be produced for these machines.
  • The huge RW 61 rocket launcher was mounted on a massive ball-bearing, fixed-cap rocket launcher. If you are wondering why there are regularly spaced holes in the barrel wall, know that their purpose was absolutely crucial. The rocket generated 40,000 kg of pressure on the breechless cap during launch, and the only way to prevent the machine from destroying itself during firing was a double-walled barrel with exhaust. 
  • Two types of missiles were used for firing, the Sprenggranate 4581 and the Hohladungsgranate 4582 for the heaviest targets with penetrations up to 2.5 m of reinforced concrete.
  • Charging the rocket launcher was not an easy job. Each missile, 150 cm long and weighing 350 kg, had to be loaded into the machine by crane.
  • The ammunition racks inside the Sturmtigeer could hold a total of 12 rounds, plus one more could be stored directly in the barrel. It took the crew several hours to reload the machine.
  • Firing wasn't easy either. The missile was loaded into the barrel by an internal crane and with the help of a special tool that helped to rotate the heavy missile so that it fit exactly into the barrel grooves.
  • The Sturmtiger shooter also needed one special tool for a successful hit. A thermometer. The ambient temperature had a great effect on the rate of burning of the rocket fuel, which affected the range. The colder it got, the less range it had.
  • Missile fire was very destructive. In January 1945, near Düren, a Sturmtiger destroyed three Shermans with a single shot.
  • In total, only 18 were produced. Of this number, only 3 have survived.
  • The 1001st Sturmtiger Company also included several Sd.Kfz. Goliath, which were mostly used for clearing access roads and destroying objects up to 1000 m away. Equipped with a Zündapp motorcycle engine and 60 kg of explosives, the minitank was guided to the target by the operator using a wire control. The connecting cable was wound inside the minitank. During homing, the cable was unwound at the speed of travel so that it could not jam.


Technical parameters Sturmtiger:

  • dimensions: length 6.28 m, width 3.57 m, height 2.85 m
  • weight 65 000 kg
  • power unit petrol 12-cylinder Maybach HL 230 P45 engine with an output of 478.1 kW
  • road speed 37 km/h off-road up to 25 km/h
  • driving range 120 km
  • number of gears 8 forward + 1 reverse
  • armour plating up to 100 mm
  • main armament rocket launcher RW 61 L/5,4 calibre 380 mm
  • secondary armament MG 34 and MG 42 machine gun


Technical parameters Goliath:

  • dimensions: length 1.62 m, width 0.84 m, height 0.6 m
  • weight 365 kg
  • power unit SZ7 Zündapp 703cm³ engine
  • speed 11 km/h
  • length of control cable 1000 m
  • load weight 60 kg
  • number of units produced 7 564


American soldier Joe Ernest Esquibel on meeting Sturmtiger at Remagen:

"I've never seen anything like it. It was a huge tank with a huge gun turret. When it fired at us, it was like a bomb dropped on us. I was lucky to be in the rear of the column. Four tanks exploded like matches in front of us. It was a nightmare."

Assembly Instructions


Scale1 : 28
Number of pieces1261 pcs
Dimensions after assembly23 x 13 x 13,5 cm
Number of figurines3 pcs
Recommended age9+
CollectionWorld War II
Compatible with other brand of kitsYes
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